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Help! I Have A Fussy Eater

May 13, 2021

Help! I Have A Fussy Eater

One topic, we often see our moms struggle with is: How to handle fussy eating. We sat down with Taryn Bortz, registered Dietician, specializing in pediatrics and food allergies who explains that there are 5 stages to food acceptance:

  1. Tolerance of seeing a new food on the plate
  2. Touch
  3. Smell
  4. Taste
  5. Eat

"Try not to feel deflated! Your child should start to accept a new food as he/she goes through the following process. It can take some time to move between each stage, but remember, your child guides the process and each stage shows improvement." - Taryn Bortz 


Taryn's Cheat Sheet to raising a non-fussy eater


  1. Keep offering the same food! It can take up to 15 exposures before a child accepts a new food.
  2. Try different textures of the same food to test preference
  3. Serve a food baby likes with a new or unfamiliar food
  4. Remember, your babe is responsible for if and how much they eat. You are responsible for when and what they eat


  1. Panicking - You are not alone! It is very common
  2. Force feeding or bribing


Looking for assistance from an expert? Visit Taryn Bortz Dietician's website here


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