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Help! My Tiny Human Can't Poo

May 28, 2021

Tips for a constipated baby.


So your Number 1, is struggling to Number 2? We’ve been there. Constipation is a common occurrence when babies start eating solid food, so here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you offer some ‘relief’ to the situation. 


  • Try pureed prunes, pears or peaches
  • Keep your baby hydrated
  • Try bicycle leg movements, baby massage, tummy time or a warm bath


  • Panicking - You are not alone! A backed-up baby at this stage of the game is common.
  • Using laxatives or enemas
  • Rice cereals, bananas & dairy 


If none of these tricks work within +-4 days, take a moment to:

  • Close your eyes
  • Breath
  • Remember that you are not alone!


NEXT, jot down the following information:

  • When baby last went
  • Which of the above tricks you have tried & when
  • Which foods you have tried, which you have avoided & when


Then give your paed a quick call to discuss this information, so that she/he/they can better assist you in what the best next steps are, to help get things moving. This too shall pass. May the poop be with you!


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