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#Hacks: 5 Time-Saving Tricks For Working Moms

January 30, 2018

#Hacks: 5 Time-Saving Tricks For Working Moms

So you're a working mom and every minute counts. You have your schedule and  to-do list down, but that doesn't mean things always run smoothly. Even the most on-the-ball women can use a few #momhacks to make their day seem less chaotic. 

1. Shop for consumables online

A few years ago the easiest way to shop with kids, was not to shop...cue the miracle of online shopping!!! To save yourself multiple trips to the store, start buying online from retailers like & You'll be shocked by how exciting it is to see a giant box of nappies on your doorstep!

 2. Get dressed last

Meal times can be messy, and breakfast is no exception. To keep your work look on point, have your outfit ready, but don't put it on until the last minute. If the thought of not being dressed in time makes you anxious, try tossing on a robe over your clothes. Think of it as your protective shield.

3. Call it in

You can't be everything to everyone... you are not Nutella! Nor can you be in two places at once. Stop with the guilt and just call it in. What are grannies/ aunties/ best friends / nannies for anyway?

4. The false allure of 'the choice'

Close your eyes and imagine a world where you're also the boss of your newly independent toddler..... now snap back to reality! The road to independence is filled with potholes; tantrums, frustration, and lots of spilled milk. However, there are strategies you can adopt to help navigate this bumpy terrain. "Spinach or brussel sprouts my dear???" Speed up the decision making process by giving them two healthy options to choose from. Happy toddler, happy mom!!!

5. Group showers

Say goodbye to the long, relaxing, candle-lit bubble baths you had in your twenties... you're a working mom now and that means you can't even pee alone! Toss the kids in and scrub away. It's an easy way to save time (and water) plus you'll have everyone smelling like lavender in no time.  







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