Finger Food 101: The lowdown & some quick recipe ideas

July 30, 2018 2 Comments

Finger Food 101: The lowdown & some quick recipe ideas

You know the feeling, you & your baby have finally conquered puree's (hooray!!) when,drum roll.... incomes the next mountain to climb... Finger foods!

When should my baby start transitioning? What should we try first? All parents have an idea of how they want to do something with their kids. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. You have to just try your best to be flexible and let your baby lead. 

When to start:

Your baby will tell you when he or she is ready to eat finger foods however here are a few things to help you read the signs more clearly. Your baby should be able to:

  • “Chew” using his or her gums to mash foods
  • Have a pretty good pincher grasp. The pincher grasp is the the ability to grab and hold objects between the thumb and the fore finger. If your baby has the fine motor skill to maneuver, grab and hold onto foods with the pincher grasp, then your baby is probably ready for finger foods
  • Sit up unassisted

How to start:

  • To start serving finger foods, the easiest thing is to do is to put a little of
    whatever you made right onto their tray and let them dig in.
  • If they eat, or accidentally push all of their food onto the floor, then by all means serve them some more.
  • Babies are in tune with their hunger trigger and know when they are full and when they want more. If at anytime they are getting upset or are just over the idea, then you can stop the meal.
  • If they are transitioning from purees to finger foods, I  found that morning and afternoon snack time was a great time to try out their new finger foods. They had enough energy to try something new and because I wasn't pressed for time to get dinner on the table, I was also able to enjoy the experience more.



Quick & Easy Recipe Ideas using ohbaby puree's:

1. Add to porridge or spread over whole wheat toast 

2. Mix into quick boil, healthy grains like quinoa/ rice/ bulgar wheat 

3. Use as a pasta sauce

4. Mix with egg for a healthy omelette or frittata

5. Mix with egg, banana & flour for a healthy pancake

6. Use as an ice lolly for teething gums or as a healthy dessert.



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