The Maternal Mental Health Month Awareness Challenge

May 04, 2018

An image of a mother and newborn baby in hospital for maternal mental health awareness month

Self-care as a necessity of motherhood (and womanhood). To kick off Maternal Mental Health Month, we'd love to invite you to participate in our 'Healthy Mom, Happy Babe' challenge! 

By sharing your story we hope to show the real face of motherhood and help as many mothers as possible to practice self-care and to stop feeling so guilty about it.

Pledge now to share your story & collaborate on wellness content during the month of May. ⠀

What you need to do

1. Create one Instagram and/or facebook post

2. Start your post with the following: "May is Maternal, Mental Health month and I am happy to participate in the @ohbaby_co 'Healthy Mom, Happy Babe' challenge by sharing my experiences as a mother. 

3. Next, share your experiences with other mothers by answering the following questions in the post:

- My journey to motherhood was:

- I was most surprised by:

- The biggest challenge I experienced:

- The most helpful piece of advice I've been given:

- What got me through the hardest times:

- What I want other mothers to know:

- I wish mothers had more:

- Habits I practice to be a healthy + happy mom:

- My favourite self-care tools:

- My most proud moment as a mom:

Use the star emoji before each question to separate them out and make your post easier to read.

4. Now challenge your friends. Let's spread the love and get more mothers sharing!!

End each post with: "I now challenge these friends (insert social media handle/tag friends) to participate"

5. Add a photograph to the post. Images can be happy or serious- it's up to you! They can be of meds you had to get on, dirty dishes overflowing out of your sink or you and your beautiful family enjoying a moment together.

6. On instagram hash tag the following:

#healthymomhappybabechallenge #mothersmatter #healthylady #happybaby#motheryourself #guiltfreemotherhood #guiltfreewellness #uniteinmotherhood #loveyourself #ohbabythatsfresh #maternalhealth #selfcare #selflove #newmom #postpartum #motherhood #newbaby 

Get posting and let's join forces! Together, we will have a large impact on women, mothers, children, and families.

Lots of Love, 

The Ohbaby team

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