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Stage 2: 4 Week Allergen Introduction

These meal plans were developed in conjunction with leading clinical dietician & co-author of 'Weaning Sense', Kath Megaw & are designed for babies that have already been exposed to their first solids bites for + 1 month & have no known allergies.

This plan will expose your baby to over 40 exciting new ingredients incl. proteins & other allergen foods & will supply you with everything you need to help meet his/her ever changing nutritional needs. And the best part about it? Never having to read through confusing weaning literature, pay for a weaning consultant or slave away in the kitchen.

What You Get in this Plan:

  • A four-week meal plan & selection of frozen baby purées for every meal.
  • Allergen introduction for Vegan plan: Nutbutter (optional), Sesame & Sunflower Seeds
  • Allergen introduction for plan incl. meat protein: Fish, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Sesame & Sunflower Seeds
  • A handbook to help guide you through the process.

Please note: If your baby or either parents have known allergies, contact a health professional before trying any of the allergens in this plan. 

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Meat/ Veg Meal Options

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