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Convenience without Compromise

Parenthood is not for ants! That’s why we’re on a mission to make one of the most exciting (albeit confusing) milestones in your baby’s life simple! Our mission is to assist you in maximising your baby’s health and expanding their taste buds all the while making weaning an easier, more convenient experience for you. ohbabyco. says NO to additives & preservatives. NO to heat pasteurization. NO to added sugar and salt. NO to exhausted parents spending hours making baby food and YES to giving them more free time to do the things they love!!!!! 

Ssh!! We won't tell your baby you didn't make this food yourself.

Our Story

ohbabyco. is a local, mom & daughter run business, born from a lifelong dream to develop a product solution that solves a real problem for mothers and babies.

Moyra, the OG Matriarch & ohbabyco.'s dedicated customer support is Founder, Amy's adoptive mom.

Throughout Amy's childhood, their family fostered abandoned babies and cared for pregnant women who had lost the support of their families.

Being exposed from an early age to the challenges of motherhood and the dangerous effect a lack of emotional and nutritional support has on a child, Amy knew that her lifelong purpose was to build a company that supports them both.

With the help of a panel of experts in the infant feeding space and the dream to build a future generation of healthy adults, ohbabyco. was born.

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