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Parenthood is filled with tricky questions. When should my baby start eating solids? Why does my baby love butternut one day and hate it the next? And what the heck made her poop so green?!?! We know... it’s exhausting so we’re here to make things simple.

Ohbaby is a nutritionist approved, science led baby food brand that believes in convenience without compromise.

Our chefs craft delicious flavours to stimulate tiny taste buds while paediatric nutritionists ensure each meal is balanced to provide the right mix of nutrient-dense ingredients that support your baby’s body and mind.

Our mission is to maximise your baby’s health and expand their taste buds all the while making weaning an easier, more convenient experience for you. 

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NO to additives & preservatives. NO to heat pasteurization. NO to added sugar and salt. NO to exhausted parents spending hours making baby food and YES to giving them more free time to do the things they love!!!!! 

P.S Ssh!! We won't tell your baby you didn't make this food yourself.

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